Sheffield University Drama Society


The Real Inspector Hound and After Magritte 

by Tom Stoppard
Performed Wednesday 6th to Saturday 9th June
Sheffield University Drama Studio


After Magritte
Harris  -  Jonathan Jones
Thelma  -  Naomi Bond
Mother  -  Jill Wright
PC Holmes  -  Tom Charlesworth
Inspector Foot  -  Dave Herbert
The Real Inspector Hound
Moon  -  Graham Spearing
Birdboot  -  Melvyn Osborne
Mrs Drudge  -  Roni Brophy
Simon Adam  -  Taylor
Felicity  -  Susie Bishop
Magnus  -  Ed Bancroft
Cynthia  -  Corrynne Osborne
Inspector Hound  -  Dave Herbert
The body  -  Andy Bullivant
Radio announcer  -  Richard Carwardine

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After Magritte Rehearsal
After Magritte Dress Rehearsal

The Real Inspector Hound Rehearsal
The Real Inspector Hound Dress Rehearsal