Sheffield University Drama Society



Directed by Ian Gledhill

Performed Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th March 2010 at 7.30pm at Sheffield University Drama Studio.

Pat Barker's award-winning Regeneration trilogy is brought to the stage for the first time in Ian Gledhill's adaptation.

In 1917 the poet, Siegfried Sassoon, was sent to Craiglockhart hospital to be treated by the psychiatrist William Rivers, a pioneer in the treatment of shell-shock. There Sassoon met Wilfred Owen, an unpublished poet, and encouraged him to take war as his subject. Rivers is faced with a dilemma: he is under a duty to make his patients well enough to return to France, but knowing they will face further trauma and possible death.

A moving insight into how ordinary lives are affected by extraordinary events.

Photos of a rehearsal can be viewed by clicking here.

Photos of the dress rehearsal can be viewed by clicking here